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soulcoalescence™ – experiential present and past life regression
past life regression

is a unique and highly experiential style of advanced present and past life regression work, during which the individual personally meets and assists their fragmented aspects: communicating with them, learning from them, teaching them, and ultimately merging present life aspects back into Self and assisting past life aspects through the tunnel and on to the Light–to merge back into Soul!

These past life regression tech- niques were developed through guidance given to Creeksong from the deva, faery and Elemental realms. 

The Nature Consciousness realms who trained her will join in your session, gently shifting you into an altered state without hypnosis, so that you can participate and assist in your own past life regression!

Your soulcoalescence™ past live regression sessions will:

• rapidly increase your intuitive   skills
• heal residual energies from accidents, trauma, abuse, and hospitalizations
• reduce drama in your life
• explain and often fully heal phobias
• help clarify your Soul’s Path
• bring you more fully into the present moment
• bring you into joy as a natural experience of living!
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